UK to target terrorists with cyber attacks

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George Osborne.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has said that Britain is stepping up its online intelligence and cyberspace strategies to handle the internet threat posed by the Islamic State.

“We reserve the right to respond to a cyber-attack in any way that we choose,” the Chancellor said.

He went on to say that anyone who targets the UK should be aware that “we are able to hit back”. Osborne did not give details on the cyber strategies of those affiliated with terrorism against the UK but said that it was more cost effective to launch a cyber attack than to defend against one.


He said that the military landscape had changed and cyberspace conflicts are a 21st Century reality as well as the traditional areas of war.

Osborne declared that a new National Cyber Centre would be set up with the government´s investment in online security doubling to £1.9 billion (€2.72 billion).

Also announced were new initiatives which are being planned to lead teenagers in the development of their cyber skills with a view toward entrepreneurial opportunities.


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