Nine people detained after Beirut attacks


AFTER two deadly bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday November 12, Lebanon´s interior minister now reports that nine suspects have been arrested.

The bombings left more than 40 people dead in south Beirut and seven of the suspects come from Syria with the other two from Lebanon.

Isis claimed responsibility for the explosions and three bombers were killed in the attacks. One other man who attempted to blow himself up as part of the suicide bombings survived and told officials that he had been recruited by Isis.


The Bourj al-Barajneh neighbourhood was the target of the attacks with two blasts detonating within five minutes of each other close to the offices of the National News Agency which is overseen by the state in Lebanon.

The Agency reported at least 239 more people as injured and Isis were also responsible for a car bombing in Beirut in 2015.


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