Judge joins Podemos in latest high profile recruitment

© Podemos Uviéu, Shutterstock.
Podemos have another high profile candidate.

THE general elections in Spain are coming up next month and the left wing party Podemos has made another big name signing with the appointment of Judge Juan Pedro Yllanes.

Judge Yllanes had been given the responsibility of presiding over the Noos corruption trial which involves King Felipe´s sister.

Cristina de Borbon, her husband Inaki Urdangarin and his business partner Diego Torres are involved in the bribery case which is due for Palma de Mallorca in 2016.


Podemos leader in the Balearic Islands Alberto Jarabo said of Yllanes,

“His career is spotless and his character impeccable, he has fought tenaciously against real estate corruption, in favour of the environment, and for women’s rights.”

Podemos have also announced earlier in the month that General Julio Rodríguez Fernández, ex Chief of the Defence Staff from 2008 – 2011, would be joining the party´s election candidates.

Two high profile appointments have decided to leave the party recently, with both stepping down for personal reasons.

Javier Perez Royo, an expert on constitutional law and Jose Manuel Gomez Benitez, an expert on criminal law, are the two candidates who will not now stand.


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