UK PM David Cameron says world leaders are united against terrorism

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Strasbourg vigil for the victims of the November 13 attacks in Paris

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron spoke at the G20 summit in Turkey on Monday November 16 to say that world leaders have agreed to do more in the challenge to combat terrorism after the Paris attacks show ‘the threat we all face.’

The PM said more would be done to share intelligence and to cut off funding for terrorist organisations. He met with President of Russia Vladimir Putin earlier in the day and the two discussed the war in Syria and security following the Paris attacks.

Although the position taken by Russia on Syria has differed considerably from the general consensus in the west, Cameron said that now ‘everyone recognises the need for compromise.’


The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that the Paris attacks in which 129 people were killed were planned from Syria. 23 people have now been arrested in raids across France and a minute’s silence was observed at midday on Monday for the victims of the atrocities.

Downing Street has stated that security services in the UK have stopped seven attacks there this year and the government has announced a 15 per cent increase to recruit an extra 1,900 officers.

President of France, Francois Hollande, has said that the French strikes against Islamic State would increase in the coming days as a series of Isis targets in Syria were hit by French jets in the last 48 hours.

US President Barack Obama has said that calls to put boots on the ground in the fight against Isis are contrary to the advice of his military advisors. 


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