Spartan race for the Samaritans


JASON SCAWTHORN, personal trainer at Fit 4 All gym in Punta Prima is taking part in the Spartan Race in Valencia at the end of the month to raise funds for the Samaritans in Spain.

The Spartan Race on November 28, is a cross country run going over numerous obstacles. Spartan Races were devised in America but races are now held worldwide. 

Jason first heard about them two years ago from his cousins in Canada. Later it was brought to Spain with races in Barcelona and Valencia but Jason has high hopes of encouraging organisers to bring future races further south to the Costa Blanca. He said: “It is one of the toughest fun races on the planet. They are high endurance runs but they are about working hard to simply get over that finish line.” 


Jason is now hard in training ahead of the event and wants more sponsors and donations for the Samaritans. 

The Spartan Race provides a subscription to a ‘WOD’ or ‘work out of the day’ offering training advice for participants and Jason is now bringing this daily work out to local businesses and organisations: “From today, my challenge is to businesses. If they donate to the Samaritans I will turn up at their workplace and do a daily work out for employees.

“It’s about getting workers more active and involved as well as raising funds for the charity. It is also a good opportunity to raise the profile of your business.” 

Jason added: “I’ve been working closing with the Samaritans for the last two months and I really want to get the message out there of what the Samaritans are doing.”

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