Road safety in Estepona

© Flickr by jaycross.
© Flickr by jaycross.

LOCALS from the Camino de Cortes area of Estepona have asked for road safety improvements in their area as for years the main road has had no signs at all.

“The only thing we’ve managed to have installed was a speed bump eight years ago and it’s in bad condition now,” said Mostar Hammadi, a local resident.

Hammadi said he helps the older residents with their errands because ‘some don’t even dare leave their homes.’


Manuel Arroyo, a 75-year-old local who has trouble walking, has hardly been out for a year. He said: “As there are no zebra crossings and there are bits with no pavements I would have to walk on the road.”

Hammadi complained about the number of accidents that happen on the crossroads with the main road saying “there aren’t any stop or give way signs.” He also called for the lighting to be updated.


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