Two special Palma visitors

© Rainer Lippert/Wikipedia.
CRUISE VISIT: Most of the passengers were German.

THE Aidastella cruise ship visited Palma for the second time recently.

On board, an event was held, during which the Port Authorities, represented by Francisca Leal, gave a gift to the captain, Cornelis Rummler, as this was not done during its first visit.

The visit was part of a 10-day cruise and following the stop in Palma, another 12-day cruise began, which will ultimately end in Dubai.


Most of the passengers on the 253.3-metre-long ship are German. It came into service in March 2013.

It coincided with a visit from the 193-metre-long Hartland Point, a British la Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship designed to carry military vehicles for the Navy.


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