Ministry of Finance proposes overnight tourism tax for 2017

Hotel Melia and Room Mate hotel chain bosses plan to open their hotels in Spain by July, once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted next month.

NEWS that the Ministry of Finance will impose a tourist tax in the region effective in 2017 has not been well received in the region.

Vice-president of the Tourism Department Eduardo Dolon has expressed concern and dissatisfaction at the possibility. He said: “I believe this type of tax on tourism would be a mistake and one that would negatively affect the entire industry, which is the main economic engine of the Costa Blanca region, generating employment and wealth in the society.”

The proposal put forward would seek to impose a tax on overnight accommodation. 


Dolon has stated that he will be meeting representatives from the tourism sector in the province to discuss the consequences that this type of tax could have on the Costa Blanca as a touristic destination.

He has also reiterated concerns coming from the industry, which believes that “this measure would reduce the competitiveness of the territory, especially when imposed at a time of growth which is currently being experienced.” 

Dolon appealed to the good sense and sanity of the government to waive the tax, claiming “it would hinder the flow of tourists to the Costa Blanca.” 



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