Expired marina and yacht club concessions get a year’s amnesty

MARINAS: Many have been operating for years even though their concessions have expired.

A YEAR of amnesty has been given to the seven yacht clubs and marinas in the province, which are operating after their concessions have expired.

The marinas of Dehesa de Campoamor and Torre de la Horadada are amongst those whose operating concession has expired.

The government said it now plans to open a tender for the renewal of concessions of the premises to meet European standards as nautical tourism is one of the main products in the sector. 


The government found that 12 of the 36 marina concessions in the Valencia Region had expired, some more than 18 years ago. It said: “It is necessary to regularise this situation.” The process is expected to last a year as some marinas require projects for works to make new infrastructure to provide better quality service to users. 

Meanwhile, the situation in Torrevieja’s Marina International is also being classed as “delicate.”

The new Law on Ports of the Generalitat regional government, approved during the previous legislature, prohibits residential use within ports managed by the regional government. This would affect the small development of properties within the Marina International. 

The concession ends in June 2017 and, according to the new law, this would mean that the residents would lose their right to housing. If the law is interpreted literally, it would mean the properties would be demolished and the land returned to its original state.

Marina International was built in the early 1990s. It is one of the few marinas of over 30 existing in the Valencian Community in addition to the usual water sports facilities, that has a residential urbanisation area.

Torrevieja’s Councillor for Planning and Tourism, Fanny Serrano, has met with representatives from the urbanisation to discuss the situation and to explain that they will be mediating with the government.



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