Spanish Government response to Paris terrorist attacks

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EU leaders including Mariano Rajoy and Francois Hollande at ‘Je suis Charlie’ rally in Paris January 2015

Following an early morning statement on November 14 by His Majesty King Felipe VI in which he expressed the sadness of his family and the whole of Spain over the attacks in Paris, Prime Minister Rajoy appeared on TV at 10.30am and read a prepared statement concerning the position of his government.

In summary he confirmed that he was in complete agreement with leaders of the other EU states in condemning unreservedly the actions of the terrorists who caused so many deaths in Paris.

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He said that he had spoken to the French government on Friday night and would be speaking to Francois Hollande this morning to discuss the matter further.

There will be an internal meeting to decide whether there will be any need to increase the terrorism alert within Spain and details of this will be revealed in due course.

The prime minister in this short but obviously sincere speech offered his government’s sympathy to the French people and said that terrorists can hurt us but will never win.

Prior to this broadcast, all of the leaders of the mainstream political parties in Spain had issued their own expressions of sorrow and support for the French losses.

According to Spanish TV, one Spaniard was either seriously injured or killed in Paris last night.


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