Flamenco music is not just in the heart of the Spanish

© Credit Museo Carmen Thyssen, Málaga

THE art of flamenco whilst initially appealing mainly within Spain has spread on a worldwide basis with regular concerts not just within Spain but in all of the major cities of the world. 

Every town in southern Spain in particular will have one or more serious concerts each year and this does not take into account the ‘flamenco shows’ offered in restaurants and bars which are perhaps not quite so proficient.

Malaga boasts the Museo de Arte Flamenco de la Peña Juan Breva, which contains over 5,000 exhibits, hosts an annual exhibition and has regular performances by local dancers and musicians. It runs until mid-December.


The origins of flamenco are difficult to establish, although everything points to it having grown over a period of centuries within the Gitano and Roma population of Andalucia following the Inquisition. Flamenco is expressed threefold through the flamenco guitar, singing, and dancing and many of the performances recall the struggles and tribulations of the past.

It is believed that it originally consisted of unaccompanied singing, then

 later the songs were accompanied by flamenco guitar, rhythmic hand clapping and feet stomping and dance.


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