Catral receives ownership of nursing home and hotel property

NURSING HOME: Back in the hands of Catral Town Hall.

CATRAL Town Hall has won a court case to regain control of a hotel property and nursing home after a seven year legal fight.

Both buildings were built by a company on municipal land in exchange for winning the right to operate for 50 years, but the company went bankrupt and the property was seized by the prosecution.

Now, two judges have decided the buildings should not be in the hands of the receivers because the rightful owner is the municipality. 


Catral Mayor Pedro Zaplana said the nursing home is in good condition with an estimated value of €10 million and they will look at ways of getting it back up and running, however the hotel is in ruins.  

Zaplana welcomed the court order which he said meant they had “recovered ownership of both buildings at no cost to the city.” 

Now, municipal officers are conducting an inventory of the furniture in the properties and will assess their conditions. 

It is believed the nursery home requires very little investment for its operation because during the years that it has been closed, the resort has had security guards on site. 

It is one of the largest centres on the Vega Baja with 54 apartments for the elderly with kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom as well as another 72 rooms. The residence also has a dining room and many common areas in its more than 11,000 square metre construction.

The hotel, however, will require a much greater investment to open to the public since during the seven years that it has remained without activity it has been thoroughly ransacked and destroyed.  


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