Second re-election bid for Catalonia leadership by Artur Mas denied

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Artur Mas.

ARTUR Mas did not gain support from the leftist CUP Party on Thursday November 12 for his second bid to be re-elected as the regional leader of Catalonia after a vote of confidence ended with 73-62 in opposition to Mas.

The Junts Pel Si alliance leader has been pivotal in the region’s movement for independence, and his alliance won 62 seats in the 135-seat parliament in the election in September.

The latest vote may cost the secession movement some momentum, as the parliament now only has until January 10 to agree upon the forming of a government and the election of a new leader. The alternative would be new elections for the region in the new year.


This is the latest development in the situation in Catalonia after the regional parliament put through a resolution to begin the process of secession on Monday. On Wednesday the Constitutional Court in Spain accepted a lawsuit by the conservative national government of Spain against the resolution.

By accepting the lawsuit, the Constitutional Court immediately suspended Catalonia’s motion as they will now need to hear legal arguments.

Catalonia has indicated that it will go forward with its aim to achieve secession from Spain within the next 18 months in defiance of the Court’s ruling.


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