Railway roof to cost €3.5million

NOT STOPPING: The AVE high-speed train will pass through Orihuela City.

THE new AVE high-speed train will not stop in Orihuela City. Despite this, the PP ruling party at the town hall has decided to pay €3.5 million for a large concrete roof over the high-speed rail track.  

Questions have been raised as to why Orihuela is now spending such a large amount of money. “Few people would ever need to cross over the tracks at this point because on the other side is agricultural land and some industrial buildings,” said Bob Houliston from the CLARO party.

“It would not, as it has been suggested, cut Orihuela in half since it is on the southern outskirts of the city and would not prevent future expansion since Orihuela City is not expanding. The other side of the tracks leads only to agricultural land and a few industrial buildings.”


Houliston added: “€3.5 million is a lot of money for Orihuela and is likely to consume much of the investment funds available for several years.”


  1. Well Spanish politicians to date haven’t showed they have a lot up top so this doesn’t seem that strange.

    Actually you will probably find that the people responsible are connected with the construction company or similar! 😉


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