Islamic State extremist ‘Jihadi John’ targeted by US air strike

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BRITAIN has said that there is a ‘high degree of certainty’ that the Briton Mohammed Emwazi known as ‘Jihadi John’ has been killed by a US air strike on Thursday night, November 12.

In the US, the Pentagon confirmed on Friday that its forces carried out an airstrike in Syria which targeted the Isis terrorist Emwazi.

David Cameron spoke from Downing Street, also on Friday morning, to confirm the attack after reports the American military were reported to be 99 per cent sure that Emwazi had been killed in a drone strike.


The prime minister said the strike was ‘an act of self-defence’ that struck at the heart of Islamic State but did not give confirmation that Emwazi was dead. Cameron talked about the relationship between the UK and the US saying that Britain had been working ‘hand in glove, round the clock’ with the US on the operation.

Reports from the ground say that the strike took place in Raqqa, Syria at 11.41 pm last night near the Islamic court in the city. The Islamic State are said to have organised a significant security barricade in the area around the Islamic court.

A statement is expected from David Cameron later today with more details.

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