Facebook admits to gathering data on political opinions in Spain ahead of general election

© Brian Solis, Facebook.
Facebook are tracking political opinion in Spain.

FACEBOOK told reporters this week that it is tracking political opinion in Spain in order to compile data about the December elections in Spain.

21 million Spanish people are estimated to use Facebook, and the social media company said it has already compiled 36 million interactions about politics between August 15th and October 31st.

“We will measure how many unique users engage in conversations related to the elections,” Facebook representatives said and added that they will especially look into ‘commentary about the most relevant political themes and the candidates.’


The company will give out general information trends to the media and has said that it would not reveal the identities of users.

The data will also be geographically examined to find out the political views of people region by region.

Facebook maintained that the gathered data would not be used for commercial purposes.

“This is a decision totally independent from the advertising that political parties can place on this platform or any other. Facebook’s relationship with political parties is identical to what we have with the rest of our advertisers,” a spokesman said.


  1. Why are they doing that? I can tell you what the political opinions are without even consulting a social media system… the people of Spain will elect a political party that is corrupt, the politicians that will be elected will be corrupt and the political direction of Spain after the next election will be corrupt from the top down to the bottom!

    Anyone that doesn’t understand that doesn’t know how Spain works, how politicis in Spain work or is totally is naive!


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