Christmas comes early in Estepona

€5,760 kindly donated by La Caixa will be spent on exercise equipment

THE Parkinson Sol Estepona Association are currently like ‘Kids at Christmas’, having been given more than €5,000 to spend by the Obra Social La Caixa foundation.

The association is currently planning how to restructure the space it has available at its headquarters to house new equipment including weights, mats, finger tensors, medicine balls and exercise bars.

Thanks to the Obra Social La Caixa foundation, which has given them €5,760 to buy the new rehabilitation exercise equipment, they are very excited: “We’re going crazy looking at what we’re going to buy and deciding where to put it, we’re like kids,” association treasurer Juan Manuel Sarria said when the money was handed over, expressing his gratitude.


La Caixa’s Javier Marin, and mayor Urbano, said this is the third time the bank has provided funds for local associations, recently giving an association for Alzheimer’s €25,000 and Estepona Solidaria charity €8,000.


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