Scottish Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey returns to Glasgow after making ‘full recovery’

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Royal London Hospital.

PAULINE CAFFERKEY, the Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola while she was working at a Sierra Leone treatment centre in 2014, has made a ‘full recovery’ according to doctors at the Royal Free Hospital. 

She was originally brought to London Free for treatment and was released shortly after. However she developed meningitis in October of this year and was readmitted to the hospital.

The hospital has now released a statement to say that the 39-year-old nurse could return to Scotland and she has been transferred to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.


The NHS in Greater Glasgow confirmed that she has been taken to the Queen Elizabeth and called her condition stable. 

“All the appropriate arrangements for Pauline’s admission to the hospital and continued treatment have been followed,” the statement added.

Ms Cafferkey thanked the hospital once more for ‘the amazing care’ she received and said,

“For a second time staff across many departments of the hospital have worked incredibly hard to help me recover and I will always be grateful to them and the NHS.

“I am looking forward to returning to Scotland and to seeing my family and friends again.”

The latest World Health Organisation figures indicate that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed 11,312 of the 28,457 people infected since December 2013.


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