Former Rincon de la Victoria councillor’s appeal rejected


A PROVINCIAL court has rejected an appeal from Jose Antonio Ruiz, former Rincon de la Victoria environmental councillor, and confirmed his one year jail sentence for building himself an illegal house.

Ruiz, who was councillor in the town until 2003, was fully aware that construction was not permitted on the rural land and, to cover his back, had his wife apply for licences to fence it in and build a shed, the sentence stated.

Yet no work was done until 2007, when a 40 square metre house appeared with a fireplace, bathrooms and a swimming pool.


He was initially sentenced to one year in jail, given a €5,400 fine and ordered to knock the illegal building down, but appealed the sentence.

It has now been confirmed by the appeals court, although the fine has been reduced to €2,160.


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