Constitutional Court in Spain suspends Catalonia independence resolution

© Ivan McClellan, Wikipedia

THE Constitutional Court in Spain has suspended the Catalan parliament´s motion for independence on Wednesday November 11.

Prime Minister Rajoy´s government filed a lawsuit against the resolution voted by the regional government of Catalonia on Monday. 

By agreeing to accept the lawsuit the Constitutional Court has automatically and immediately suspended the secession motion as it hears legal arguments.


The Catalan parliament however has declared its intention to move forward with the process of secession in a flouting of Wednesday´s ruling.

Neus Munte, vice president of the Catalan government, said: “The political will of the government of Catalonia is to go ahead with the content of the resolution.”

The court has also accepted a central government request to ‘personally’ inform 21 Catalan leaders who have supported the independence resolution of the consequences they may face if the court’s orders are ignored.

Among those on the list of leaders are Artur Mas, Catalonia’s outgoing president and Carme Forcadell, the president of the regional assembly.



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