Cardiac rehabilitation unit reduces readmissions

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THE cardiac rehabilitation unit of Elche’s General Hospital has treated more than 400 patients who suffered a heart attack or have undergone heart surgery.

This unit, together with one at the General Hospital of Alicante, are the only two public cardiac rehabilitation units across the province. They work with patients who have survived a heart attack or angina offering intensive rehabilitation with the aim of getting them to lead a normal life and  carrying out their daily activities and work in the best conditions as quickly as possible.

Specialist doctors, physical therapists, nurses and psychologists supervise the care process of these patients which have a recovery of around 12 weeks. The programme, adapted as far as possible to each person, includes educational talks on cardiovascular disease, surveillance and control of cardiovascular risk factors involved in the recurrence of heart attacks such as cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and stress. 


They offer personalised dietary advice, physical training with heart monitoring and medical supervision, psychological therapy training for stress management, anger and aggression, all with the intention of changing the lifestyle that led to the presence of cardiovascular disease.

The unit, a pioneer in the city of Elche, began in 2012 and has progressively grown to accommodate more complex patients. 

The rehabilitation work has reduced the number of readmissions for cardiovascular disease by 25 per cent on patients who have undergone cardiac surgery.



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