British pensioner jailed for possessing alcohol in Saudi Arabia returns to UK

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

KARL ANDREE, 74, has arrived home to the UK on Wednesday November 11 after being jailed for over a year in Saudi Arabia for the possession of homemade wine.

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that Andree´s release showed the ‘strength and breadth’ of the relations between Britain and Saudi Arabia.

The pensioner had been living in the country for 25 years when he was pulled over in August 2014 and arrested after the wine was found in his car. 


He was sentenced to one year in jail and his family told British media that they feared he would also receive 360 lashes. A petition launched by his family was signed by over 230,000 people and reached Prime Minister David Cameron who spoke to officials in the country about the case.

Andree said: “I am truly humbled and will never forget the love and support of so many people in getting me home.”



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