17 people targeted in terror raids across Europe

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Mullah Krekar.

POLICE have launched a number of raids in several different European countries against a suspected jihadist network.

The network was said to be in the process of planning to free their leader, Mullah Krekar, who is being held in Norway. 

The Italian news agency Ansa reported that the suspects were accused of being associated with international terrorism.


Two suspects were held in Norway and were thought to be plotting attacks in the country. They will now face extradition to Italy.

Italian police said that the investigations which led to the arrests took place in the UK, Germany, Norway, Finland and Switzerland. Of the 17 arrest warrants that were issued, at least 13 are reported to have been arrested.

The suspects who were not found are thought to have already gone to Syria and Iraq where they are linking up with other jihadist organisations. 

The detainees are suspected of being involved with a network named Rawti Shax which has been labelled a ‘terrorist organisation of Kurdish-Sunni origin’.


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