Unemployment in Spain increases in almost all sectors in September and October

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THE months of September and October typically see an increase in unemployment levels with the summer season over and the Christmas season around the corner, and although Spain has registered more people out of work in these months, the figure is less than in previous years.

The Department of Employment released statistics showing an increase of 82,327 in people out of work in October 2015 from the previous month.

The Employment Public Services Office reports that the total number of people in Spain who are unemployed is now 4,176,369.


Construction is one sector where employment actually went up by 0.85 per cent or 3,838 people. The Department of Employment also said that the number of people without a job has dropped by 8 per cent in the last year.

The sectors showing a rise in unemployment included agriculture at 11.88 per cent (21,595 people), manufacturing at 0.74 per cent (2,906 people), and services at 2.26 per cent (61,072 people).

SEPE (formerly INEM) had 350,435 fewer people registered as unemployed at the end of this October than in October 2014. 

The Department of Employment state that this figure of 8 per cent is the largest yearly reduction of unemployment levels for October since records began.


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