Spanish government makes official challenge to Catalonia’s secession bid

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Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The Spanish government will fight the Catalan independence motion in the country’s Constitutional Court with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy declaring that the independence movement “wants an end to democracy”

He called Monday’s Catalan vote, which called for secession from Spain within 18 months, a “clear violation” of the constitution.

Rajoy´s government delivered a 26-page appeal to the Constitutional Court calling on the judges to “immediately suspend this resolution and all of its effects.”


Reports suggest that the court will begin examining the government’s appeal at 4:30 pm on November 11.

The resolution is expected to be struck down by Spain´s top court with the PM saying,

“Sovereignty belongs to the entire Spanish people and only to the Spanish people, this sovereignty can’t be divided,” 

“When we ignore the law, we renounce democracy,” he said, before adding that any leader who ceases to respect the law “loses his legitimacy,” Rajoy added.


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