News signs for the Camposol D sector

NEW SIGNS: Residents improve the urbanisation.

NEW signs have been purchased by the residents groups of Camposol Community Group D for the urbanisation.

One sign has been placed on the golf club roundabout giving directions to C and D Sectors and a sign locating the D Sector map for new arrivals and contractors. 

More signs have had to be printed and located around the community area for the few dog walkers that do not clear up their dog’s mess.


At the latest AGM, the Committee members were voted on and it was reported that member Keith Wilcock sadly passed away. 

Keith was one of the gallant pothole volunteers and will be missed. 

The dedicated band of potholers have been out and about in the community doing minor repairs to the roads around D sector (using a fair amount of the group funds).

Over a period of time they have installed trenches to divert water bringing down mud on to the roads.

However, unfortunately more inspections will be needed at these trenches as in places they are not working as would have been expected.

For continued news and information on the Camposol urbanisation search ‘Camposol D Community’ on Facebook.


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