New space debris found in Alicante in third space junk discovery in Spain in one week

© United States Air Force, Wikipedia
Could the latest discovery be from a rocket?

AFTER two spherical shaped pieces of space debris were found in Murcia in recent days another space discovery has been made on Tuesday November 10, this time in a field near Elda in Alicante province.

In this latest development a strip of metal four metres long and 20 centimetres wide has been found. The narrow piece of metal appears to be burnt and is described as having sharp edges. 

The other objects fallen to earth in eastern Spain this week were sphere shaped and discovered only a few kilometres away from each other in Murcia. 


The National Police deployed explosives experts to investigate the new piece of metal and have ruled out any radioactive risk from the object.

Airport officials have said that the welding on the metal means it could not have come from a plane and the object is thought to have been part of a satellite or rocket from space.


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