Madrid approves animal protection law for abandoned animals in centres


MADRID´s regional government has approved a draft law to ban the destruction of healthy animals that are abandoned across the region´s shelters.

The so called “no kill policy” has been introduced after a dedicated campaign by animal rights activists including the rescue centre El Refugio.

Nacho Paunero, the president of El Refugio, said “Since 2004 more than 30,000 healthy dogs have been put down because of the mere fact that they were abandoned. We have spent many years denouncing these practices and now want to take it forward on a national level.”


Until today pounds in the district could put down cats and dogs which haven´t been claimed or taken in or by new owners within ten days.

The draft law also forbids pet shops from displaying animals in their windows amongst other amendments to the animal protection legislation.

The European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare estimate that there are 800,000 stray dogs ready to be adopted in Spanish shelters with around 20 animal shelters operating in the region of Madrid.



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