Denia Health department hosts foreign students

ERASMUS PROGRAMME: Students spend three months training in specialist areas.

The Health Department in Denia hosts a dozen students of medicine and nursing from the Erasmus programme each year, thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Catholic University of Valencia.

This year the hospital is providing formation training for  five students including two from the UK, two from Columbia and one from France. The students are specialising in Dermatology, Emergency, Surgery, Pediatrics, Diagnostic Imaging and Gynaecology.

The hospital has also taken on five nurses with the programme, three from Finland and two from Norway performing various services within the department and who will be practising until mid December.


Erasmus students spend three months in Denia, practising in the hospital. The initiative to bring students to Denia, where there is no university infrastructure has been taken by Marina Salud, the company that manages the hospital. 


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