Two years to stem flooding in El Ejido

© By ANE, Wikimedia Commons

EL EJIDO’S rural zones will have to adapt to anti-flooding measures specified in the General Development Plan (PGOU).

They have two years to meet requirements following urgent town hall meetings in the wake of recent storms and flooding.  

The Agriculture department is intensifying efforts to impose standards in country locations where vacant plots, planted areas and greenhouses cannot cope with cloudbursts and huge amounts of rainwater. 


The absence of efficient runoff systems in rural areas creates fast-running torrents and streams that cause flooding once they reach urban areas. These country properties will be obliged to ensure they have the capacity to absorb 35 litres per square metre of rain, said El Ejido’s mayor Francisco Gongora.

“Inadequate planning in the past has given rise to this situation and it is now our responsibility to find a solution,” Gongora said.


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