Two women shot in Llíria

© Outisnn Wikimedia.
Officers of the Guardia Civil.

ACCORDING to a number of reports, a mother 65 and daughter 42 were shot by the daughter’s estranged partner, 40, at 5pm on Sunday November 8 in front of their four year old son.

It is understood that the man who is said to be of gypsy origin had a restraining order requiring him to keep 300 metres away from his partner at all times, but he drove up to the women in a green Renault van and fired around 12 shots, killing both of the women but not harming the young boy who ran away.

The Guardia Civil confirmed that the women were shot at point blank range and spent several hours searching for the man who was known to them. Finally at about 11pm on the same night, following negotiations with his lawyer, the man surrendered to the authorities.


Mayor Manuel Civera of Llíria near Valencia expressed his sorrow at the deaths and indicated that in his opinion this was a crime against women, ironically on the same weekend as a major demonstration in Madrid against Gender Violence took place.

Earlier that day in Baena (Córdoba) a 28 year old woman was killed by her partner, who then took his own life with a shotgun and in Galicia, a woman was stabbed to death, allegedly by her son.


  1. how terrible to leave a four year old without mother or grandmother the poor boy- what will happen to him?
    he must be traumatised by it- to see both killed by his father


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