Twitter user handed 18 month prison sentence after posting comments mocking ETA victims

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An ETA mural in Durango.

A twitter user who ridiculed the assassination of Spanish Prime Minister Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco in 1973 by ETA has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

The High Court in Spain found Benat Lasa Fernandez guilty of praising terrorism and attempting to humiliate victims after he posted a photo of the car bomb attack which claimed the Prime Minister´s life in 1973 with a line from Toy Story, “To infinity and beyond!” underneath.

Lasa Fernandez had posted similar jokes about Spanish Prime minister Mariano Rajoy and Basque councillor, Miguel Angel Blanco and was found guilty of inciting future acts of violence in Spain.


The defendant reached a plea bargain with the prosecutor after admitting to the facts involved.

Among the comments made by Lasa Fernandez were “ETA has given all that was necessary as an armed organization. Now it is up to us to create a new spearhead organization to continue the fight” and “ETA was never defeated and never will be”


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