Cow crashes through streets after fleeing slaughterhouse in Galicia

© William Warby, flickr.

A cow in Galicia went on the run from a slaughterhouse in Galicia just after midday on Tuesday November 10 and wreaked havoc on surrounding streets before falling from a viaduct to its death.

The fugitive cow hit a number of vehicles as it ran through the town with local and national police in pursuit. The abattoir the animal escaped from was in the A Grela industrial estate in A Coruna.

Carlos Garcia Tourinan of A Coruna City Hall said it damaged “around ten vehicles” during the rampage.


Mayor of A Coruna Xulio Ferreiro, who happened to be at the scene and saw the rampaging cow, said that anyone who has had a vehicle damaged should call the local police.

“We are collecting information and the abattoir will ultimately assume responsibility,” he added.


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