Universities in Valencia are some of the most expensive in Spain


DATA from the Statistics of University Fees for 2015-16 from the Ministry of Education reveal that courses taken in the Communidad Valenciana are some of the most expensive in Spain, with only Catalonia, Madrid and Castilla y Leon costing more.

The current rate for enrolment in first grade at public universities, measured in cost per credit, has remained frozen this year at €24.89 which highlights a large difference between regions, as in Andalucía the cost per credit is €12.62, illustrating the fact that it is 75 per cent more expensive to study in the province.

However, Andalucía is now the only province which prices its courses per credit, in other regions the price will vary depending on the subject, for instance in the province of Valencia the average price is set at €20 per credit, but subjects such as medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, Nutrition, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy will cost €24.89, whereas subjects including Teaching, Economics and Law are priced at €16.31 per credit.


What is more, after the budget cuts of 2012-13, which saw the government rationalise public spending in education, students must now pay between 15 and 25 per cent of the official registration fee too. Masters degrees, mandatory for those wishing to practice a profession, have only decreased in cost in Madrid (by 6.7 per cent) and Andalucía (by 16.6 per cent) but have remained the same elsewhere.

The statistics also illustrate that in the province, there has been a 33.3 per cent increase in course rates for courses since 2012-13, although not the highest increase in Spain, which has been seen in Catalonia (66.7 per cent increase) it is significant enough to make the option of studying in the province less attractive compared to other regions.



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