Real ice not wanted for skating rink

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ALICANTE’S ice rink this year may use a synthetic base.

It will be the fifth year that the city has a festive skating rink over the Christmas and New Year period, but it always received criticism for the cost of the installation and the levels of noise pollution generated by the generators to make the ice.

As a result, Councillor for Urbanism, Miguel Angel Pavon, has proposed that the ice be replaced with synthetic mater: “You can skate on it just as well as natural ice.” The councillor explained there is a continually high cost of maintaining the ice and using a synthetic material would reduce the water waste and the electricity cost explaining he has always been opposed to energy waste, but would be happy to keep the artificial rink in the Town Hall square by the Christmas Tree; which should also be plastic.


Pavon also wants fake snow for the slide on the children’s attraction La Montañeta: “We’re not against these facilities but we are against unnecessary energy consumption, and we should keep in mind these things to combat climate change.”


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