Mariano Rajoy signs urgent petition to State Council

© Partido Popular de Cataluña, Wikimedia Commons
Mariano Rajoy

ON November 9, Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he had “immediately” signed an urgent petition to Spain’s State Council after the separatist motion was passed in the Catalan Parliament.

The Spanish prime minister has asked Spain’s State Council to issue a report on the declaration for an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Mr Rajoy expects the Constitutional Court to issue a ruling on Thursday declaring the Catalan motion unconstitutional.

He said: “This is the first step and I hope it is the last, but it doesn’t depend on those of us who defend democracy, it doesn’t depend on me”.


In a press conference in Madrid, leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) Pedro Sánchez, said: “this is the gravest demonstration of contempt towards democracy in our country,” in which “a minority means to steal Spanish citizenship from a majority.”

He added: “secessionism means to cause a fracture between Catalans, between Catalans and Spaniards, and between Catalans and Europeans.”

Chief European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said the Commission had not changed its position on the Catalan motion, and it would not comment on the constitutional order of member states.

The Catalan parliament released a press statement before 1:30pm and also posted the full text online, notifying journalists of the declaration.

The motion which was approved by 72-63 votes in favour, calls for disobedience before Spain’s “delegitimised” Constitutional Court, the creation of an independent Catalan republic and asks the future Catalan government to abide “exclusively” by the rules and laws issued by the Catalan parliament.

The document’s second point reads: “SECOND: Solemnly declares the beginning of the process of the creation of an independent Catalan state in the form of a republic”.


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