Government promises more for education

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MORE teachers will gradually be returning to the classrooms in the Valencia Region.

Around 5,000 teachers have been lost in recent years as a result of the cuts, but that trend will be reversed as the Regional Government announces the recruitment of over a thousand new teachers.

Minister of Education, Vicent Marza said the plans would start with adding 174 teachers in primary school classrooms and another 900 in secondary schools.

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The move aims to reduce the number of students in classes from 30 to 25 per teacher and lower the ratio in institutes from 35 to 30 pupils a class.

A budget of €10 million is to be made available for the teacher training programmes and more will be invested in school infrastructure in what Marza describes as a budget which is “honest, sincere and realistic” adding “this year we will have €312million more for education and the building of schools.”


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