Britain to get more spies after spending review

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George Osborne

CHANCELLOR George Osborne has previewed security measures due to be announced in the UK´s spending review and included in the budget will be funding to increase the amount of people in anti terrorism across the three intelligence agencies in Britain.

Osborne said that the internet poses new threats to security and it is necessary to adapt to the modern reality of terrorism.

“The changing nature of war, espionage and terrorism meant government itself had to change in its response,” he said.


Osborne said the UK would get more intelligence officers without giving too many more details ahead of the defence review which will be released on the same day as the spending review, on November 25.

Osborne did say that he was committed to a surplus of £10 billion (€14 billion) by the end of the existing parliament, “You don’t want to be just over the line, because a lot can happen over the coming years and these forecasts can move around. That’s why I think you want a reasonably comfortable margin in delivering a surplus.”

Prime Minister David Cameron lent his support to the Chancellor saying the spending review is “all about putting the security of British families first”


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