Prosecution accuses man of planning boy’s murder

© Lisa S, shutterstock

THE Public Prosecutor believes that a man due to face trial over the death of a three-year-old boy in February in the Montes de Malaga had planned the alleged murder in advance.

Although at a court hearing last week the defence insisted that the tragic death was a terrible accident and asked for the case to be treated as one of involuntary manslaughter, both the public and private prosecutions claimed that the man, who was the boy’s mother’s partner at the time, killed the child following a cold-blooded, well-thought-out plan.

On February 10 2015, the man collected the child from nursery school and, although he had told his partner they would be going to a shopping centre in Rincon de la Victoria, the Public Prosecutor stated he drove to an isolated lookout point in the hills where.


From there, the prosecution claimed, he carried the boy to a reservoir and threw him in, fully aware that he couldn’t swim.

After watching him drown, the prosecutor’s version of events detailed, the accused drove to the shopping centre and pretended to have lost the child.

During the hearing, at which both parties gave their versions of events, the Public Prosecutor requested a filming of the route from the place the man allegedly parked his car to the reservoir where the child’s body was found as evidence and asked for the child’s mother and the accused man’s sister to declare as witnesses at the trial, the date of which has still to be set.


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