Lions funding school team sports equipment

SCHOOL SUPPORT: Tony Bellamy presents the cheque

President of the La Cala de Mijas Lions, Tony Bellamy, presented the García del Olmo school with a cheque for €1,000.

This was to pay for a selection of sports equipment, including hockey and rugby equipment. The cheque was received by the headmaster, Don Manuel Álvarez Cuesta and the Deputy Headmaster and Sports Teacher, Don Jorge Alrfedo Cano Corral, on Tuesday, October 27.

This latest donation from La Cala de Mijas Lions continues the support that they have provided to this, and all of the local schools, in recent years. The international president of the Lions has declared that “the emphasis this year shall be on helping children wherever there is a need, so the La Cala Lions are very happy to be able to help the local schools in obtaining equipment that would not be available without their financial assistance.”




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