Campaign starts against tiger mosquito

TIGER MOSQUITO: Town hall recommends ensuring all possible containers of water

Teulada Town Council, through the Department of Environment, has launched a campaign to prevent the proliferation of the tiger mosquito and help minimise the inconvenience caused by the insect.

The campaign requests that residents ensure their outside areas are maintained and importantly free from stagnant pools of water, which aids the proliferation of the mosquitoes, providing them with breeding grounds. The town hall will also be conducting pest control throughout the municipality, in particular in areas susceptible to outbreaks and ideal breeding grounds such as humid areas.

The town hall stresses that it will take a joint effort on behalf of the town hall and residents to effectively control the problem, which requires the proper maintenance of swimming pools, garden and outdoors spaces. The town hall recommends ensuring all possible containers of water are emptied and avoid water accumulating in drainage or gutters.


Repair holes where water can accumulate, protect wells and cisterns with mosquito nets and ensure pools are adequately chlorinated and if possible keep covered while not in use. For more information visit the website for public health


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