Just a Minute in Gibraltar

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Nicholas Parsons

AS PART of the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival being held from November 12 to 15, Nicholas Parsons will be hosting on November 13 an edition of ‘Just a Minute’ where panel members are challenged to speak for one minute without repetition or deviation on any subject that comes up.

The nonagenarian Parsons is amazingly spry at 92 and having started as a ‘straight man’ to comedians like Arthur Haynes, he moved on to present ‘Sale of the Century’ on television before becoming chairman of this legendary radio panel game which started in 1967, has now passed 900 episodes and he has appeared as either chairman or guest in every episode.

Those competing in the Gibraltar edition will be Dame Esther Rantzen, comedians Marcus Brigstocke, recently announced new presenter of The News Quiz on Radio 4, Miles Jupp, and Felix Francis, author son of Dick Francis the former jockey who wrote crime fiction about horse racing.



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