Helping migrants learn the language

MERCEDES SANCHEZ: Motril’s Education councillor

FOR the sixth year running, Motril council’s Education department has launched Spanish classes for migrants, aimed at the community of Moroccan women in the Varadero and Santa Adela areas.

The lessons, councillor Mercedes Sanchez reported, aim to help these women learn the language and integrate into the local community.

“Many of them only mix with people of their own type and speak their own Arabic dialect so we need to help them learn Spanish to use in their day-today lives,” Sanchez said.


Lessons are held at the Multifunctional Centre in Varadero at 11am, meaning the women have plenty of time to take the kids to school first. During lessons, the councillor explained, they are able to socialise and learn to cope with day-to-day situations they will find in Spain including going to the doctor, shopping or renting a flat.


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