Classic Car rally dumps Alicante for Mutxamel

NO COMPROMISE: Organiser’s slam brutal charges

The Automobile Club of Alicante has decided to move the location of its classic car rally after negotiations with the town hall, and Mayor of Alicante, Gabriel Echávarri (PSOE) have failed to reach a compromise.

The club that organises the event has slammed the government team in Alicante for attempting to impose brutal charges to hold the event and for poor treatment, saying that they will move the event and omit any reference to Alicante in the future. Criticising the town hall’s revenue raising approach and outrageous fees for using the Castillo de Santa Bárbara as the arrival point for the gala, they have decided to move the event instead to Mutxamel, and have renamed it the IV Rallye Mutxamel 1000 Curvas 2015.

The automobile club has said that the government team have woefully misunderstood the fact that it is a non-profit event, and accused them of complete ignorance about what it means to conduct an event of this kind, which is without public funding and private sponsorship.


Registration fees for the event are only there in order to pay for liability insurances, safety, promotion and other expenses and there is not money available to pay the extortionate fees requested by the town hall, claim the club. In turn they also state that these kinds of events are good for the city, which drastically suffers from lack of tourism outside of peak summer, helping to give prominence to the city and participants a better impression of Alicante and attracting tourism.

Now the town of Mutxamel will benefit from hosting the event instead.


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