Car fires lead to investigation

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POLICE are investigating the cause of two vehicle fires in Aspe and Elda.

One of the fires was in Aspe’s La Coca neighbourhood when residents were woken to the roar of the flames taking hold on the car. The blaze happened in the early hours of the morning. The car was parked on the street next to two other cars and the concern was that the flames would spread to the nearby house where an elderly couple were sleeping at the time. Fire crews from Elche attended but the residents themselves were the first on the scene as they threw buckets of water on the car and tried to aid the inhabitants of the house which was threatened by the flames.

The couple got out safely as firefighters had to ventilate the property inside to remove the smoke. The car was a Ford Fiesta owned by a young man in the area. The second fire occurred the following morning in Elda in the vicinity of the Inmaculada Church. Police and fire crews from Elda attended the blazewhich had similar characteristics to the Aspe fire. This vehicle, an Audi, is reported to have had its lights on all day and night which could have caused a short circuit leading to the fire. However, investigators say they have not yet ruled out that the fires were caused intentionally.


In a third, separate incident a car parked near the Central Market of Elda burst into flames forcing police to stop traffic in adjacent streets. The fire is believed to have been caused by engine failure when the driver was about to start it. No one was injured.


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