Short film released about Spanish couple in abandoned village

© JOSE RAMIRO LAGUNA, Shutterstock
Mountains of Toledo, home to La Estrella

THE LAST TWO” is a new short film about the extraordinary lives of a couple in La Estrella, Toledo, who have been the only people to call the village home for close to half of a century.

Set in the hills of Toledo, La Estrella was once a bustling village of 200 people however now only Juan Martín and Sinforosa Colomer live in the deserted rural township.

“We’ve been alone for 45 years,” Juan Martín says in the short film, which was produced by Jungles in Paris and directed by David Beltrán and Mari and Angello Faccini.


“I met her one day when she was bringing the cattle in from the fields,” Juan said when remembering a different reality when “there were two taverns and dancing at the weekends”.

He has continued to work in the fields as more and more people left the village. The short film shows how the Colomers go about their day cleaning, cooking and out on the land, where they grow grains and vegetables.

The unique existence is however not ideal as Juan Martin explains the reason why they are the only ones left in the village is his wife´s refusal to leave the town where she was born,

“Had it been up to me we would have left the town a long time ago. I can’t leave her by herself, what else can we do?”


  1. Something wrong with this story ref: Last 2 people for 45 years La Estrella, Toledo, :: Just looked up last survey & 270 people living there in 2014 & if you Google Earth it shows People & a Bus in Streets & Bar plus many maintained Buildings ?????????????


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