Rate of store thefts in Spain among the highest in Europe

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High rate of store thefts in Spain

A new report released on store thefts this week shows that Spain has the third highest rate of thefts in Europe and the sixth highest worldwide.

The Global Retail Theft Barometer reported that only Finland and the Netherlands have a higher percentage of sales lost to theft in Europe. Spain, it concludes, lost almost €2.5 billion to theft which equates to 1.33 per cent of sales.

Research firm The Smart Cube and retail company Checkpoint Systems were behind the survey which interviewed over 200 retailers in 24 countries across the world.


The average rate of losses due to shoplifting, fraud or errors in administration amounted to 1.23 per cent across the world.

Mexico had the highest rate at 1.68 per cent with Norway showing at the opposite end of the scale with 0.75 per cent.

In Spain retail crime and its prevention costs 2.21 per cent of store overhead which is around €4.14 billion nationwide.

However the Interior Ministry has reported a 5.16 per cent drop between 2013 and 2014 with the Global Retail Theft Barometer showing a 1.36 per cent decrease in the percentage of revenue lost to theft in 2015.

The most popular items of clothing and accessories which were stolen included shoes and handbags and smartphones were among the most stolen items in electronics.


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