Anonymous reveal details of 1,000 alleged Ku Klux Klan associates

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Anonymous post details of alleged KKK supporters

ANONYMOUS, an alliance of hacker activists, has shared personal details of around 1,000 people who they claim are Ku Klux Klan (KKK) supporters.

Following the killing of a young Black man in Ferguson last year the KKK threatened “deadly force” against the protestors condemning the man´s death.

Anonymous launched a “Hoods Off” campaign after the KKK threats and said that the release of this data is “a form of resistance” against the white supremacist group.


The list of names includes those who have joined or “liked” groups associated to the KKK on social media sites like Facebook. An earlier online list released this week appears to be unfounded and Anonymous denied any connection to it.

Speaking about the new list Anonymous said that it had employed more than just online hacking to compile the data,

“This means that individuals on this list were often identified by human sources of information through both overt (interviewing expert sources) and covert (digital espionage/social engineering) methods.”

Last year, in November, the hacker group took down a website associated with the KKK and assumed control of two Twitter accounts with connections to the supremacists.

“We never forgot your threats to the protesters in Ferguson, and we certainly never forgave you. And the same will be done to the threats you give now,” an Anonymous statement said.


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