Region’s life expectancy figures announced

LIFE EXPECTANCY: The Vega Baja tops the list for women, while for men the Marina Alta is top

LA MARINA BAJA, Marina Alta and La Vega Baja are the three areas in the province that enjoy the highest life expectancy, with men exceeding 81 years old and women exceeding 86 years.

Specifically for women the Vega Baja tops the list, while for men the Marina Alta is top, recording an average of 81.56 years, closely followed by the Vega Baja with an average of 81.43 and Marina Baja with 80.91 years. The lowest life expectancy age for men was recorded in Alcoy, while the Vinalopo represented the lowest mortality rate in the region.

It was also noted that the lowest age for motherhood was recorded in the Vega Baja at 28.92 years old, while Valencia was recorded as having the highest average age of motherhood with 30.4 years for first time mothers. The Valencian Statistical Institute has recently published the information on the demographics which illustrates the changes taking place within societies, including ageing population and falling birth rates which has implications on resources planning for the future.


It has also highlighted the immigration of thousands of young people abroad, moving to seek better employment opportunities, while the region continues to see an influx of foreigners, in particular retired people whose concentration is greatest in areas in the Marina Alta such as Denia, Javea, Calpe, Teulada and Benissa.


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