Local teenager creates bicycle app

RENT-A-BIKE: Integrated cameras direct users to the closest points

A Valencian teenager has created an application which can tell you where you can rent bicycles in 242 cities worldwide, including London and New York.

Cecilio Tamarit, who studies Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia has created the application while studying his Baccalaureate and has seen it integrated into Apple new Watch and Google Glass. Available on IOS and Android, the app allows users to locate nearby bike stations, check parking availability and if there are bicycles available. It can also be used with other technologies such as Google Maps and Glass, which allow users to use integrated cameras to direct them to the closest bicycle points and includes other points of interest.

Tamarit explained that he got the idea after hearing friends complain of never being able to locate a free parking spot for the bicycles, especially when they were late for class. Many park bikes are often full, said Tamarit, who felt it was an easy problem to solve and saw the potential for the app worldwide. He began by manually collecting all of the available information that the councils provide with regard to the bike-sharing services and availability. Tamarit explained that although they are not the only ones to compile this information, they are the only ones who have made the information available to the user.


Besides Spanish cities such as Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla, Tamarit’s program is now available in Japan with a high percentage of use in cities like Toyama, which lies 300 kilometres northwest of Tokyo. It is also available in European countries like the United Kingdom, in London, Germany in Berlin, Croatia in Zagreb and Italy, which serves the city of Marciana Marina in Tuscany.

Australian cities like Melbourne and Brisbane also use the system as well as and many in the United States, including New York and Boston. In total it is present in 242 cities worldwide. The second version of the app is due to be released shortly and will include new features and be available in more cities including Tokyo and Bilbao. Although the young entrepreneur will benefit financially from the app, he stresses that the idea was more of a social entrepreneurship project in order to


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